Keyworker School

Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th March

With the upcoming industrial action by members of the NEU on the above dates, we are putting the following plans in place:

  • We are expecting all of Year 11 in school for both 15th and 16th March
  • We are expecting all of Year 10 in for the morning of 16th March from 8:30am to approximately 11:00am to complete a scheduled exam. Please use this form to let us know if your Year 10 pupil will be staying in school after their exam finishes
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 students are to work from home on these days. Use this form if all carers at home are critical workers or they meet the DfE ‘Vulnerable’ criteria (e.g open to Social Care, have an EHCP) and need to be in school

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Please select the option applicable to you

Thank you

We shall expect to see your child.